Synthetic Clear Binder

A synthetic clear binder is a revolutionary innovation achieved by polymerizing various monomers, resulting in clear, colorless binders. This groundbreaking technology allows asphalt to be produced in a stunning array of bright and vibrant colors, transforming the landscape of roads and pavements.

The advantages of using a synthetic colorless binder in colored asphalt are numerous. The exceptional resistance to aging and UV light ensures that the colors remain vibrant and bright for an extended period. Applications of colored asphalt are divers: play and parking grounds, sport training plots, cycle lanes, pedestrian areas, tunnels, safety markings, landscaping, color beautification, etc .

Reasons for using clear binders/colored asphalt:
·      Controlling and guiding traffic;
·      Increasing safety;
·      Improving comfort;
·      Sustainable development;
·      Reducing energy costs;
·      Increasing attractiveness (Architectural freedom);
·      Reducing heat island effect.

Furthermore, the benefits of the synthetic colorless binder extend beyond aesthetics. Compared to traditional binders, coloured asphalt with this innovative solution last longer, is easy to apply through its good workability, require less addition of pigment to reach a vibrant color and is fully  reusable at the end of its service life.  Synthetic colorless binders are also available for warm mix application, meaning that the coloured asphalt can be produced and applied below a temperature of 140 Degrees Celsius. This eco-conscious feature not only makes the material more environmentally friendly but also increases safety during application and use.

The synthetic clear binder opens a world of possibilities for creative urban planning and design. It enables the integration of color-coded pathways, logos, or even art installations, offering cities and communities the opportunity to express their identity and stand out uniquely.

At Ooms Producten, we proudly offer a premium range of synthetic clear binders, specially formulated to meet the highest industry standards. Our advanced binders ensure not only long-lasting colors, but also the utmost environmental responsibility in every project.

Experience the vibrant potential of colored asphalt with our synthetic colorless binder solutions, where innovation meets sustainability.

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The Netherlands, Rotterdam – Maastunnel

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