Research and Development

Innovation at Ooms Producten – Your Partner in binders and asphalt

At Ooms Producten, we are committed to innovation.
We don’t just talk about it; we actively implement it and prefer collaborative development with our customers.

Our dedicated Research & Development department seamlessly blends science with practical application. To bolster this effort, Ooms Producten boasts its own extensive ISO-certified laboratory, equipped with advanced facilities.

Our Research & Development department is involved in various activities:

  • Development of new (road construction) products and production equipment.
  • Research into novel (laboratory) test methods and the evolution of calculation techniques.
  • Development of customized solutions for construction alternatives  (paving construction).
  • Supervising the initial practical applications of newly developed products and well-thought-out constructions.

Given our diverse expertise and the array of concepts at our disposal, Ooms Producten can offer ingenious solutions to address any challenges faced by our clients. Whether it’s a unique pavement structure required for a specific assignment, we we like to think along with our clients! Especially as we believe that good advice leads to better solutions.

This is where we make the difference.

Nick Brouwer

Managing Director

+31 6 46805314

Robert van Gorkum

Area Manager Europe

+31 6 20537120

Daniël Colijn

Area Manager Asia

+852 5239 9963

Anneke Kamper

Senior commercial assistant

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