Asphalt Production

Ooms Producten: Your Complete Asphalt Pavement Solutions Provider

At Ooms Producten, we deliver comprehensive and ready-to-use asphalt pavement solutions. Our services encompass consultancy, binder and asphalt mixtures, engineering, and timely delivery, along with expert supervision during both asphalt production and execution. Additionally, we offer the option of installing a mobile PMB (Polymer Modified Bitumen) unit at your asphalt plant site. In essence, we take full responsibility, from concept to final delivery.

Our strength lies in a diversity of disciplines and expertise, making us very versatile in the field of developing and producing high-quality road construction products

Asphalt Production Amsterdam (APA).
Ooms Producten has a 25% interest in Asphalt Production Amsterdam, which produces asphalt products for its shareholders and third parties (Amsterdam and Noord-Holland region). The facility is equipped to produce all standard types of asphalt mixtures, with or without RAP, up to a maximum of 60%. Moreover, it offers the possibility of producing asphalt at lower temperatures, known as warm mix asphalt. In particular, the APA is the sole producer of various poured and mastic asphalt mixtures in the Netherlands.

Asphalt Production Rotterdam Rijnmond (APRR).
In addition to the participation in Amsterdam, Ooms Producten also has a 25% interest in Asphalt Production Rotterdam Rijnmond for the Rotterdam and Zuid-Holland region. Like APA, this installation can produce all standard types of asphalt mixtures, with or without RAP, up to a maximum of 70%. It also has the option of producing warm mix asphalt.

These two asphalt plants, jointly producing approximately 1 million tons of asphalt on an annual basis, play a pivotal role in serving a significant part of the Dutch market.


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