The Netherlands, Rotterdam - Maastunnel

Product: Sealoflex® Color and yellow pigment
Construction period: March 2018 until May 2019
Location: Maastunnel Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Why is the Maastunnel completely yellow on the inside and why isn’t the road surface in the tunnel just black?

The Maastunnel (oldest tunnel in the Netherlands) opened in 2019 after a two-year renovation. Since the Maastunnel is a national monument, it is not allowed to “change” too much to the original state.

When the Maastunnel was completed in 1942, there were yellow paving stones in the tunnel and these paving stones have been there for more than twenty years. In 1965 the road surface was so damaged that it was replaced by grey asphalt. With the renovation, which started in 2017, the tunnel has been completely returned to its 1942 appearance.

The yellow color of the asphalt is obtained by adding yellow pigment to the asphalt. With the white crushed stones and the yellow pigment, a reflective road surface is created, which benefits safety and durability.


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