Discover the Power of Sealoflex®: Superior Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) for Unmatched Asphalt Production and Protection

Sealoflex® represents a remarkable brand under Ooms Producten, offering a comprehensive range of polymer modified bitumen (PMB) solutions for both asphalt production, protection and bonding/waterproofing interlayers. With Sealoflex®, we elevate asphalt to new heights, reinforcing its structure to extend its lifespan significantly, even under intensive use and extreme heavy loads.

Explore a Wide Array of Sealoflex® Bitumen Variants
Sealoflex® is available in numerous variants, designed to meet the specific requirements of projects in various countries, regions or segments. Factors such as the quality of local bitumen, climate conditions and intensity of use of the road surface play a crucial role in selecting the right product variant.

At Ooms Producten, we pride ourselves on providing customized solutions that precisely match the needs of different road surfaces, traffic conditions and climates. Whether facing chilly conditions near the Arctic Circle or extreme temperature variations in equatorial regions, Sealoflex® pavements consistently maintains its quality.

Rigorous Testing and Unmatched Quality

Sealoflex® is the result of extensive research and development efforts carried out at Ooms Producten’s state-of-the-art facility. Our collaboration with asphalt producers and road owners has resulted in a product that embodies years of experience with bitumen, innovative production techniques and high-quality raw materials. As a result, Sealoflex® is  the gold standard for top-quality polymer modified bitumen.

Global Reach and Versatility
With an ever-growing demand for excellence, Sealoflex® is not limited to Europe. Thanks to our licensing agreements, we proudly produce Sealoflex® in numerous countries beyond Europe, making our premium bitumen accessible worldwide.

Embrace the Advantages of Sealoflex® Polymer Modified Bitumen:

  • Low temperature sensitivity;
  • High elastic recovery capacity;
  • High resistance to fatigue;
  • High flexibility;
  • High stability;
  • Good healing properties;
  • Excellent adhesion;
  • Tough behavior;
  • Extra noise reduction with noise-reducing asphalt mixtures.

Experience the power of Sealoflex® and revolutionize your asphalt projects with our high performance polymer modified bitumen. Benefit from unmatched performance and durability today.



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