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Port areas play a crucial role in economic growth, demanding seamless operations without disruptions. Minimizing asphalt damage and repair delays is paramount, while prioritizing safety remains essential. Achieving this can only be accomplished through the construction of the highest quality asphalt pavements.

Introducing Sealoflex® Super Stable Asphalt (SSA®)

In port areas, roads and industrial zones face heavy loads that conventional asphalt types cannot handle. To meet this challenge, Ooms Producten proudly presents Sealoflex® Super Stable Asphalt (SSA®), specially developed for container terminals, truck parking areas and heavy-duty industrial zones. Among others, Sealoflex® SSA® protects Europe’s busiest container terminal, Euromax, and the ferry port of Den Helder, among others.

Sealoflex® Super Stable Asphalt (SSA®): Unmatched Stability and Performance

Sealoflex® SSA® is an asphalt mixture boasting exceptional stability. Its innovative recipe combines special aggregates with heavily modified Sealoflex® bitumen, endowing the asphalt with remarkable resistance to deformation, be it from static loads or wringing. Sealoflex SSA® exhibits an extraordinary deformation resistance like conventional cement grouted macadam, without the typical cracking issues associated with such pavements. It embodies both the flexibility of an asphalt pavement and the deformation resistance of a cement grouted macadam, forming the perfect combination. Its susceptibility to cracking, however, remains at the same level as ordinary asphalt. Additionally, we produce this asphalt at a lower-than-normal temperature, reducing CO2 emissions by 30%.

Our Promises:

  • At least double the lifespan compared to Marshall asphalt.
  • Asphalt with the highest possible resistance to rutting.
  • Ideal for extremely congested storage and transfer areas, making it the best application for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs).
  • Maximum asphalt availability due to less downtime for repairs.
  • A 30% CO2 reduction during production.
  • 80% reduction in vapors and aerosols during application.
  • Our mobile PMB plants enable on-site production of Sealoflex® binders, ensuring efficiency and timely delivery.

Experience the unrivaled stability of Sealoflex® SSA®, transforming port areas with asphalt pavements designed for superior performance. Prioritize smooth operations and a sustainable future today.


‘The best properties of asphalt and concrete in one solution’, Robert van Gorkum



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