Enhance Road Durability with Emulsions for Bonding and Asphalt Protection

Asphalt plays a crucial role as the top layer in road construction. To safeguard this vital layer from wear and environmental influences, a wear layer can be applied, and this is where emulsions for surface treatment come into play.

An emulsion is a specialized mixture of water and bitumen, with ultra-small bitumen particles floating in the water. When this emulsion is applied to the asphalt top layer, it forms a protective shield, significantly extending the road’s lifespan.

At Ooms Producten, we offer Emutop and Emuflex emulsions, designed as a tack coat for bonding layers. Our emulsions are carefully produced in our state-of-the-art emulsification plant, ensuring top-quality results.

Emutop Emulsion
Emutop stands as a fast-curing cationic emulsion, guaranteeing long-lasting surface protection. Within this emulsion range, we offer Emutop A for robust adhesion coatings between asphalt layers and Emutop B for surface treatments, each tailored to meet specific project requirements.

Emuflex Emulsion
With exceptional adhesion properties, Emuflex offers superior flexibility even at low temperatures and temperature fluctuations. Additionally, it exhibits remarkable resistance to fatigue and mechanical stresses. Emuflex-N incorporates polymers and serves as an ideal choice for high-quality adhesives and membranes, while Emuflex-F excels in surface treatments. Both emulsions are available in bulk or convenient steel drums of approximately 200 liters.

By choosing Emutop and Emuflex emulsions from Ooms Producten, you ensure enhanced pavement durability and excellent performance in various asphalt protection applications.

Unlock the potential of emulsions for robust and durable road solutions with Emutop and Emuflex emulsions from Ooms Producten. Take your infrastructure to the next level with our advanced products.


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