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Public areas, from streets to cycle paths, car parks, town squares and other open spaces, demand safety and visibility. Creating a safe road environment can be achieved by guiding different traffic flows into separate lanes, which can be indicated by the type of surfacing, road markings or colored areas.

Introducing Sealoflex® Color: Unleashing Architectural Freedom

For colored asphalt used in public areas, Ooms Producten presents the revolutionary clear binder, Sealoflex® Color. Beyond offering architectural freedom and an appealing streetscape, the benefits extend to increased safety and reduced heat stress in cities. Light-colored asphalt pavements can lower asphalt temperatures up to 10°C, mitigating undesirable effects of high temperatures in cities. Additionally, using light-colored asphalt in tunnels improves visibility, enhancing road safety and reducing the need for extensive lighting, leading to savings in energy costs.

Sealoflex® Color: The Key to Vibrant and Safe Spaces

The properties of colored asphalt primarily depend on the binder used. Sealoflex® Color, a synthetic clear binder for colored asphalt, stands out for its compatibility with every asphalt mixture. Boasting high resistance to permanent deformation, fatigue and aging, this product ensures the most colorfast asphalt when the crushed stone’s color approaches the desired paving color. This minimizes any color differences as the binder film wears. Colored asphalt serves multiple purposes, from drawing visual attention on roads and cycle paths to surfacing playgrounds and recreational areas. Sealoflex® Color enables the production of almost any color asphalt, amplifying creative possibilities.

Our Promises:

  • A significantly higher level of safety through effective traffic flow management on roads.
  • More attractive public spaces with vibrant colored asphalt.
  • Reduction in energy costs through less lighting needs.
  • Coloured asphalt with Sealoflex Color last longer and is easy to apply through its good workability.
  • Mitigation of heat stress in cities through cooler asphalt pavements.
  • A 30% CO2 reduction during production.
  • 80% reduction in vapors and aerosols during application.
  • 100% recyclable asphalt.

    Experience the versatility of Sealoflex® Color and elevate public areas with vibrant and safe spaces. Pave the way for a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing environment today.




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