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Highways are the lifelines of a country, ensuring accessibility and mobility for its population. As demand for transportation, prosperity and employment continue to grow, coupled with an increasing world population, mobility is set to rise. This inevitably leads to more congestion on road networks and greater wear and tear due to intensified use. To combat this, we focus on decreasing maintenance intervals and postponing renewals, ensuring higher road availability and a more sustainable use of resources.

Sealoflex® PMB Range: Powering Resistance to Road Wear

Developed to combat road wear, the Sealoflex® PMB range is the ultimate solution. These products bolster safety, extend the lifespan of asphalt pavements and enhance the overall availability of road networks. The result? Better traffic flow and reduced congestion caused by maintenance.

Sealoflex® PMB-Range: Empowering High-Quality Asphalt Pavements

Our Sealoflex® polymer modified bitumen (PMB) is carefully manufactured for superior asphalt pavements. When combined with GridSeal® asphalt reinforcement (Sealoflex® SC-4 and GlasGrid®), we further strengthen resistance to cracking during pavement renewal.

Sealoflex® SFB 5-50 (PA) is specifically suitable for porous asphalt road surfaces, a common choice for motorways, ensuring optimal performance in any condition.

Our Promises:

  • 30% layer thickness reduction compared to non-modified bitumen.
  • Twice the lifespan of non-modified bitumen.
  • High resistance to deformation, rutting, aging, fatigue and cracking in all climates.
  • Highest possible noise reduction of the wheels on the asphalt.
  • Increased road safety due to higher quality and skid resistance of the asphalt.
  • A 30% CO2 reduction during production.
  • 80% reduction in vapors and aerosols during application.
  • 100% recyclable asphalt.
  • Our mobile PMB plants allow on-site production of Sealoflex® PMB’s, ensuring efficiency and timely delivery.

Experience the unparalleled performance of Sealoflex® PMB, revolutionizing highways with high-quality, durable asphalt pavements. Drive the future of mobility today.

Nick Brouwer

Managing Director

+31 6 46805314

Robert van Gorkum

Area Manager Europe

+31 6 20537120

Daniël Colijn

Area Manager Asia

+852 5239 9963

Anneke Kamper

Senior commercial assistant

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