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We are a reliable and flexible supplier for customized solutions for (biobased) binders and asphalt


Ooms Producten stands for sustainability, quality and innovation.

We innovate to reduce CO2-emissions, to use raw materials in a circular manner and to extend the service life of roads. We strive for a sustainable environment, and to further reduce the use of fossil and virgin raw materials. As a partner of our clients, we think ahead and guarantee the best quality for the project, people and the environment.


Ooms Producten is a customer-oriented organisation that puts quality and sustainability first.

We are known to our clients as a knowledgeable, reliable and flexible supplier for customized solutions for (biobased) binders and asphalt. We innovate together with the client and the market, whereby extending the service life of asphalt roads and reusing raw materials is the norm. We make an important contribution to the climate through CO2 neutral production and our sustainable products

Ooms Producten

Ooms Producten has been a pioneer in the field of polymer modified bitumen since the 1970’s. Ooms Producten has all aspects of product development and production under one roof; it has its own production facilities, design facilities and an R&D center/laboratory, which are among the best in their field.

As a highly experienced and reputable company, we reaffirm our good reputation every day. For more than 50 years, we have been exporting our products and services for roads, airports, ports, industrial areas and other industrial applications worldwide.

Quality, safety, sustainability and lifecycle considerations form the basis of our innovations.

This means that asphalt pavements produced with our products require low-maintenance, last longer, are cost-effective and can be recycled at the end of their service life.

Core values

Ooms Producten is a Dutch company with a traditional family character. The following core values ​​characterize our company:

Customer-oriented: customer demand is central to our actions
Quality-oriented: we strive for the highest possible quality of product and service
Innovative: pioneering is in our blood and has brought us where we are today
Involved: we are involved with the company, our environment and the customers
Passion: we do our work with passion, and keep going!


For more information, please contact us

Nick Brouwer

Managing Director

+31 6 46805314

Robert van Gorkum

Area Manager Europe

+31 6 20537120

Daniël Colijn

Area Manager Asia

+852 5239 9963

Anneke Kamper

Senior commercial assistant

+31 6 15456211

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