The Netherlands, Amsterdam Airport major maintenance and renovation Runway 06-24 and Taxiways (Kaagbaan)

Type of project: Major maintenance and renovation Runway 06/24 and Taxiways (Kaagbaan)
Construction period: Q1 to Q3, 2024
Location: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol  – Runway 06/24 and Taxiways (Kaagbaan)
Quantity: ± 1600 MT of Sealoflex® polymer modified bitumen SFB 5-90 (LT)
± 10 MT of Sealoflex® polymer modified emulsion Emuflex N

Runway 06/24 (Kaagbaan) is one of the most important runways of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The Kaagbaan runs from southwest to northeast (060° – 240°) and is 45 metres wide and 3490 metres long and was commissioned in 1960. Major maintenance of Runway 06/24 was carried out between 19th February and 25th April 2024.

During the maintenance and renovation, large-scale work was carried out, including replacing the asphalt of the Touch Down Zone (the part of the runway where aircraft make first contact with the runway), as well as other parts of the runway. As for example towards the taxiways and the replacing of the asphalt of the service roads. A total of about 86,800 m2 of new asphalt has been installed containing up to 60% recycled asphalt (RAP) from the old polymer modified pavement. For this about 1600 MT of Sealoflex® polymer modified bitumen SFB 5-90 (LT) was supplied and 10 MT of  Sealoflex® polymer modified emulsion Emuflex N as bond coat between the asphalt layers. With SFB 5-90 (LT), it was possible to meet the strict requirements for fracture toughness of the asphalt even with 60% RAP.

After completion of the work, runway 06/24 and taxiways (Kaagbaan) will again be fully compliant with international laws and regulations.


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Managing Director

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Area Manager Europe

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