The Netherlands, Schiphol Airport, fifth runway and taxiways

Product: Sealoflex® SFB-5
Construction period: 2001-2002
Quantity 240,000 tons of asphalt
Location: Schiphol Airport
Layer structure: 200 mm Sealoflex® Asphalt and 700 mm cement treated base

In 1991 Schiphol Airport initiated a large scale research study on new pavement structures for the future expanding of the airport.

For almost 50 years Schiphol has been using cement treated base courses to protect the poor marine clay sub grade from substantial deformation. An asphalt layer thickness of 270 mm was used to prevent reflective crack growth from the cracks in the cement treated base course. The purpose of the research study was to find a better performing, but also cost effective pavement structure, using polymer modified asphalt binders. In the research various polymer modified asphalt binders including Sealoflex® have been evaluated on basis of cracking and deformation resistance, as well as workability and environmental aspects such as emission during production and ability to recycle.

By then only the Sealoflex® could fulfil all requirements and a layer thickness reduction to 200 mm of asphalt could be achieved. The structure has been used in many new pavement structures since then, such as the new 5th runway.


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