The Netherlands, A15 Papendrecht - Sliedrecht

Product: SFB 4-100 (BR) and SFB 4-100 (BR-LT)
Construction period: August – September 2021
Quantity: By each Sealoflex® product 340 ton
Location: A15 Papendrecht – Sliedrecht
Work: Widening the A15 between Papendrecht and Sliedrecht by 1 lane in both directions. As a particularity, Porous Asphalt with 60% recycling (RAP) was chosen for this project in combination with Sealoflex® 4-100 (BR) with and without low temperature application (LT)
Client: Rijkswaterstaat

On the Dutch A15 between the towns of Papendrecht and Sliedrecht, there was a structural traffic jam during rush hour, which also caused congestion on municipal and provincial roads. Expanding the A15 between Papendrecht and Sliedrecht in both directions by 1 lane improved the traffic flow.

The Porous Asphalt applied with 60% RAP is enhanced with polymer modified bitumen SFB 4-100 (BR) Bio Recycling containing a rejuvenation oil based on vegetable waste streams with and without a low-temperature additive (LT) to apply the Porous Asphalt at up to a 30 °C lower temperature.

Some figures:

• Porous Asphalt with 60% RAP
• SFB 4-100 (BR) Bio Recycling binder with and without low temperature (LT) additive
• 220.000 m2 new asphalt layers (equivalent to 35 football pitches)
• 47.000 ton asphalt
• 12,5 km length lane-wide asphalt replacement
• 35.000 ton milled old asphalt


4 weekend closures of the A15 motorway; 2 times eastbound and 2 times westbound.
Approximately 900 transport movements each weekend. To limit disruption, months of preparations took place mainly at night out of traffic.

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