Saudi Arabia, Hegra Road Infrastructure Al-Ula 7 project

Type of project: Colored asphalt for local roads
Delivery period: April 2022–July 2022
Location: Hegra Region of Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia
Scope: Supply of synthetic clear binder for 50mm natural colored wearing course
Quantity: 700 ton of Sealoflex® Color PG76 in drums

The existing road network surface in Ashar area are damaged and suffer from rutting. The Royal Commission of Al-Ula requested the road network to be improved and surface layer shall be designed to achieve smoothness surface and to reflect the surrounding area. To preserve the historical nature the recreation road is intended to have the colour and feel of the environment.

Ooms PMB was approved by the ultimate client Royal Commission of Ula and appointed by the contractor as the supplier of the synthetic pigmentable clear binder for the project. Based on the technical requirements for the asphalt surface layer, Ooms PMB proposed its synthetic clear binder Sealoflex® Color PG76 as the appropriate binder to withstand the tough climatic conditions in the Middle East.

In close cooperation with the client, contractor and engineer, a suitable mix design was developed. As a next step, a pilot project of 2 test sections of coloured asphalt was executed. In order to obtain the same colour as the environment, the client decided to use local crushed aggregates which resemble the colour of the surrounding area, without pigment. The Sealoflex Color® PG76 was manufactured in Ooms’ production facility in the Netherlands, and shipped to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 3.800 steel drums in containers. Al-Ula is a governorate of the Medina Region and a city in north-western Saudi Arabia. Historically located on the incense route, the city lies within the Governorate of ‘Ula one of seven in the Medina Region, covering an area of 29,261 square km. The city is 110 km southwest of Tayma and 300 km north of Medina.


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