Latvia, Riga International Airport

Product: GlasGrid Patch 100 kN
Sealoflex® SFB3-100
Sealoflex® SFB5-50 (HT)
Construction period: June – September 2014
Quantity: 300MT of Sealoflex® SFB3-100; 600MT of SFB5-50 (HT); 75MT Emuflex N and 20.000sqm GlasGrid® PG100
Location: Runway Riga International Airport, Latvia
Scope of contract: Redesigning maintenance measures,
production and supply of Polymer Modified Bitumen
Layer structure: GlasGrid Patch 100 on a milled surface
Sealoflex® SFB 5-50 (HT)
Sealoflex® SFB 3-100 with Emuflex N emulsion used in a Ultra Thin surface Layer (UTLAC) of 25 mm

The original overlay construction could not be guaranteed for the prescribed period and had two workflows over the runway.
Ooms has engineered an alternative solution with one workflow and the needed guarantee on stopping reflective cracking. This solution mini- mized applying risks and guarantee risks, with almost no extra costs.

The solution is engineered with ARCDESO. This exclusive software predicts the return of reflective cracking combined with a maintenance measure.


ARCDESO is a program which gives insight into the effects of various possible solutions to paving problems involving reflective cracking.
Primarily ARCDESO is intended for use when designing pavement structures using GlasGrid® or similar products together with high elastic asphalt constructions and elastic bond coats.

The way different maintenance solutions prevent the return of reflective cracking, in time, can be compared with the software.


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Managing Director

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