Proud partner of project Hong Kong International Airport Authority and the SCKU JV

Hong Kong International Airport Authority

Ooms PMB HK Limited is proud to contribute to this challenging project as a partner of the Hong Kong International Airport Authority and the SCKU JV.

The Third Runway project will be completed in June 2022.  Over the past 14 months, Ooms has been responsible for the supply of 11.000 MT Sealoflex SFB5-20 (JR) and 16.000 MT 60/70 PEN Bitumen.

The polymer modified bitumen are produced at the Sealoflex PMB production facility at the project site (new reclaimed island north of the existing airport ), in close vicinity of the two asphalt batching plants of the contractor.

The Sealoflex® SFB-5 range of polymer modified bitumen is specially designed to improve the durability and to increase the availability of asphalt pavements at airports.
Asphalt mixtures containing Sealoflex® SFB-5 binder offer high resistance to deformation, rutting and cracking, even under concentrated loads, which is confirmed by results in laboratories and in practice

The unique feature of Sealoflex JR (Jet-fuel resistant) binders is that it makes asphalt resistance to fuels such as jet fuel and petrol. This ensures leaking fuels do not damage the asphalt.