Ooms Producten had become a supporting member of the IMAA

Ooms Producten had become a supporting member of the IMAA
IMAA stands for International Mastic Asphalt Association.

The IMAA promotes the worldwide cooperation of national associations, specialist organisations, companies and suppliers in the mastic asphalt industry and the construction material mastic asphalt in all its varieties.

Mastic asphalt is a mixture of bitumen, filler, sand and chippings and can be used in many different ways.
The areas of application for mastic asphalt are versatile: foot- and cycle paths, public spaces, industrial floorings, parking decks, railway platforms, tunnels, bridges, and roads/highways. Mastic asphalt wearing courses are characterised by high resistance to deformation and a high skid resistance.
Mastic asphalt surfaces are durable, waterproof and 100% reusable.

Did you know that Ooms Producten can supply Sealoflex® for mastic asphalt and Sealoflex® Color for colored mastic asphalt?

Sealoflex® (GA) binders are suitable for use in mastic asphalt for light application (floors in buildings) to heavy duty application (steel bridge decks), and in colored mastic asphalt surfaces. Due to the specific composition of Sealofle(GA-LT), mastic asphalt can be produced and processed at a temperature up to 30°C lower than the standard temperature, through which the mastic asphalt ages less.

This lower temperature results in less bitumen vapor emissions during application and a longer service life of the pavement.