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Public areas are defined as streets and highways, cycle paths, car parks, town and village squares and other places open to the public. Such locations must be safe and recognisable. A public road can be made safer by guiding different traffic flows into different lanes. The different lanes can be indicated by the type of surfacing or the use of roadmarkings, but also by coloured areas.  

For coloured asphalt used in public areas, Ooms Producten has developed the clear binder Sealoflex® Color. Besides architectural freedom, increased safety and a more attractive streetscape, the reduction of heat stress in cities is an important additional benefit. When the roads are no longer black but light in colour, the temperature of the asphalt pavement can be as much as 10°C lower. This ensures that high temperatures do not linger as long while significantly lowering the air temperature in cities. The use of light-coloured asphalt pavements in dark places such as tunnels and forest trails contributes to increased visibility and road safety. In addition, less lighting is needed, which lowers energy costs.

Sealoflex® Color 
The properties of coloured asphalt depend mainly on the binder used. Sealoflex® Color, a synthetic clear binder for coloured asphalt, can be used in every asphalt mixture. Properties of this product include high resistance to permanent deformation, fatigue and ageing. The most colourfast asphalt is obtained when the colour of the crushed stone approaches the desired paving colour. This ensures minimal colour difference once the top layer is worn. Coloured asphalt can be used to draw visual attention (increasing safety) on roads and cycle paths, but also as surfacing at playgrounds and recreational areas. Sealoflex® Color can be used to produce almost any colour asphalt.

‘A traditional asphalt road is black, but why can’t an asphalt road be green? Or orange or yellow? There is no difference in quality’, Robert van Gorkum

Our promises 

  •  A greatly increased level of safety through better management of the various traffic flows on the roads. 
  • A more attractive public space. 
  • Reduction in energy costs. 
  • Reduction of heat stress. 
  • A 30% CO2 reduction during production. 
  • A vapour and aerosol reduction of 80% during application. 
  • All our asphalt is 100% recyclable. 
  • Our mobile PMB plants allow us to produce on project sites. 

Robert van Gorkum

Area Manager

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