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It is of great economic importance to allow work in ports to continue without disruption. Damage to the asphalt and delays resulting from the repair thereof must therefore be kept to a minimum. It is also essential for operations in a port area to proceed in a “safe comes first” manner.  This can only be achieved by designing and installing the highest quality asphalt pavements. 

The roads and industrial areas in ports are subject to very heavy loads. Conventional asphalt types offer insufficient performance in such areas. Developed specially for applications at container terminals, truck parking areas and heavy duty industrial working areas, Ooms has developed Sealoflex® Super Stable Asphalt (SSA®).  SSA is protecting the most heavily used container terminal in Europe (Euromax) and the ferry port of Den Helder as well as others.

Sealoflex® Super Stable Asphalt 
Sealoflex® SSA is an asphalt mixture with extremely high stability. The innovative recipe, using special aggregates and very heavily modified Sealoflex® bitumen, ensures that the asphalt has a very high resistance to deformation, both by static load and by wringing. The Sealoflex SSA has extremely high deformation resistance almost identical to that of a conventional cement grouted macadam but without the cracking problems often associated with these pavements. Instead Sealoflex® SSA offers BOTH the flexibility of an asphalt pavement AND the deformation resistance of a cement grouted macadam combined. Its susceptibility to cracking is, however, on the same level as ordinary asphalt. In common with other Sealoflex Asphalts we produce this asphalt at a lower than normal temperature, thus reducing CO2 emissions by 30%.

‘The best properties of asphalt and concrete in one solution’, Robert van Gorkum

Our promises

  •  At least doubling the lifespan compared to Marshall asphalt. 
  • Asphalt with the highest possible resistance to rutting. 
  • Perfect for extremely congested storage and transfer areas, the best application for Automated Guided Vehicles. 
  • Maximum availability of the pavement due to the lack of repair downtime required. 
  • A 30% CO2 reduction during production. 
  • A vapour and aerosol reduction of 80% during application. 
  • Our mobile PMB plants allow us to produce Sealoflex® binders on project sites.

Robert van Gorkum

Area Manager

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