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Aviation connect continents. Airports are therefore of significanst economic importance to a country, and high availability of the taxiways and runways is a must. Freight Aircraft in particular use the asphalt intensively. When landing, they sometimes put more than 400,000 kg on the ground at once. It is therefore not a luxury to choose the highest quality asphalt pavements at airports. 
Ooms Producten has developed the Sealoflex® 5-range bitumen especially for airports.

‘The unique part is our binder that makes asphalt resistant to damage from jet fuel leaks.’ Nick Brouwer

Sealoflex® 5-range
Climate change, high traffic volumes and heavy loads – nowadays, many factors limit the durability of asphalt pavements at airports. The Sealoflex® SFB-5 range of polymer modified bitumen is specially designed to cope with such extrem combined loads. Asphalt mixtures containing Sealoflex® SFB-5 offer great resistance to deformation, rutting and cracking, even under concentrated loads, which is confirmed by results in laboratories and in practice. Sealoflex® SFB-5 bitumen offers unparalleled quality and durability.

Jet fuel resistant (Sealoflex® JR)
Unique to our range for airports is our Sealoflex® (JR) polymer modified bitumen that makes asphalt resistant to fuels such as jet fuel and petrol. This ensures leaking fuels do not damage the asphalt. 

Our promises 

  • A safe runway due to high asphalt skid resistance. 
  • Maximum availability of the airport pavements. 
  • Extremely heavy-duty asphalt. 
  • At least doubling the lifespan of the asphalt pavement. 
  • Asphalt is resistant to jet fuels and other fuels. 
  • A layer thickness reduction of up to 30%, resulting in shorter construction times and lower consumption of raw materials. 
  • A 30% CO2 reduction during production. 
  • A vapour and aerosol reduction of 80% during application. 
  • All our asphalt is 100% recyclable. 
  • Our mobile PMB plants allow us to produce Sealoflex® PMBs on project sites. 

Robert van Gorkum

Area Manager

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